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The Canisius College Rugby Club is an all-welcoming club. All players who turn up to training and pay their annual fees get game time on Saturdays. Fees do not have to be paid until matches commence in April.

The Canisius College Rugby has provided an excellent introduction to Buffalo life for people new to the city and country through their off-field social environment. Frequent visits to the pub after training and match-days, fundraising events throughout the season, and friendships built from within the club are just some of the social benefits the club has provided.

Frequently asked questions about recruitment

Are you looking for new players? Always. Firstly, the addition of players of all standards creates competition for positions, which increases performance at training and on the field. Secondly, fielding two men’s teams requires a large roster of players as injuries, work, study and other commitments takes its toll on numbers.

How do I join? Keep an eye on the website for information on training. Show up to training (see calendar ) and then all information regarding joining the club will be given.

How experienced to I have to be to play for Canisius College Rugby? We accept players of all experience levels. Some have played in high school, while some have never played before. Fielding two teams allows us to welcome players of all skill levels. The 1st XV is usually the more experienced players and the occasional natural. The 2nd XV is made up of players on the cusp of playing 1st XV and players who may be moving toward the end of their career but still have plenty to offer as well as players who are new to the sport

What level of rugby does the club play? Canisius College Rugby 1st XV play in the Upstate Rugby Union.. The competition is a  pathway to USA Rugby national championships.  In a nutshell, the standard the club plays at is highly competitive, physical, and serious.

Where does the club play? Canisius College Rugby plays home games in Delaware Park. Away matches occur mostly in upstate New York. National playoff matches may occur in other regions of the USA.

Why should I join the Canisius College Rugby over another club in town? We believe we....

How to join

It's simple.

Let us know who you are: Register Here

Show up at a practice, introduce yourself and join in.

Keep showing up and you'll get selected to play. Before you play you'll need to become a member of USA Rugby. This will provide some insurance and make you eligible for league competitions.

When you're made your mind up to become a member you can make your club dues payment here

We've been around for over 30 years. Become part of the tradition.